Birmingham, united kingdom
Birmingham Children's Hospital commissioned the complete redesign of their Paediatric Intensive Care Unit's family and staff meeting rooms. The objective was to create a space that was calm and reflective, a room that offered respite from the stress of the intensive care unit, a place that felt safe enough for families to be vulnerable or comforted for a while themselves, before returning to their child’s bedside. 
With support from the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity, Alison O'Toole consulted with PICU's head of nursing to reimagine both of the interior spaces, sourcing new furniture, soft furnishings, flooring, and lighting. Each wall was covered floor to ceiling in bespoke vinyl wallpaper designed especially for the department by Alison O'Toole with Jackie Morris. Windows were covered with bespoke frosted privacy film that tied in with the overall theme.

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